Cast Booster

Due to their high density and velocity of detonation, boosters supplied by MCS offer the best priming characteristics for use with emulsions and bulk emulsion/ANFO blends.

The SEIBOOST A cast booster is particularly recommended for less sensitive explosives such as nitrate-fuel oil (ANFO) and bulk emulsions. This product is designed for use in drilling holes over 80 mm diameter.

The cast booster SEIBOOST A looks like a rigid plastic cylinder filled with a powerful explosive blend that is made up of TNT, PENTHRITE and RDX. The one or two detonator(s) and the detonating cord go through the SEIBOOST A’s central hole and the detonators can be put in two cases at the bottom. Two SEIBOOST A can be superposed to intensify the initiating power in hard drilling conditions.