MCS manufactures NITRAM, emulsion cartridges in different diameters and lengths or in bulk form. These explosives are suitable for use as primers for initiating Ammonium Nitrate based explosives.

MCS supplies the BLENDEX range, a pumpable high energy chemically sensitized bulk emulsion explosive manufactured in Saudi Arabia. BLENDEX is classified as an oxidizing agent for transportation purposes; the composition does not become explosive until mixed with gassing agents and sensitized at the point of delivery to the borehole.

The BLENDEX range is specifically designed for large-scale quarrying, mining and civil engineering blasting works. The waterproof product is mixed on site by bespoke (MEMU) trucks and suitable for use in both wet and dry holes. BLENDEX is available in a range of blends incorporating various quantities of undissolved ammonium nitrate dependent on specific energy and heave requirements of the customer.