Consultation Service

Over the years, MCS’s personnel have gained extensive experience in many fields relating to the manufacture and use of explosives and this pool of knowledge is now available to customers for projects ranging from the establishment ofOperating procedures to specific problem solving.

Example of the type of work undertaken include:
    •  Explosive Chemistry
    •  Product Development and Testing
    •  Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
    •  Safety Audits
    •  Establishment of Explosive Storage Facilities
    •  Blast Design
             •  From Standard Quarry Blasting to Special Projects
    •  Vibration Monitoring, Prediction and Control
             •  Blast Monitoring Systems
             •  Test Blasts
             •  Single-hole linear-superposition trials
             •  Establishment of site Specific Control Procedures
    •  Blast Performance Monitoring
             •  Velocity of Detonation
             •  Fragmentation Assessment
             •  Face Velocity
             •  Oversize Assessments