“Safety is at the heart of everything we do”
At Modern Chemicals & Services, our most valuable resource is our personnel. Safety is our number one priority. MCS operates within the explosives, chemical, civil, quarry, and mining sectors. These industries require a meticulous approach and MCSplays a leading part in helping ensure a safe working environment.

While quality and productivity are our goals, they will never take precedence over the Safety of our personnel or project sites. Our commitment to safety extends from our employees to our entire team of subcontractors and customers we work with. Everyone that works on our projects must adopt and work with-in our Safety Program. From top management down, we are committed to the safety of our Employees, Subcontractors and customers we work with each day.

All aspects of our safety program revolve around training our employees on workplace hazards that they are in contact with each day and arming them with the tools and knowledge to mitigate these risks to effectively work safely. All of the field staff we work with are trained with therequired specific training and must complete the necessary site-specific training before being considered for a project