Golden Rules

A Golden Rule is simply a standard that the Company will not fail to comply with actions below for any reason whatsoever. This means that there is no excuse or any allowable reason for not complying.

What is the consequence of non-compliance?
Non-compliance will result in disciplinary actions and for sub-contract staff non-compliance will mean immediate removal from site.
Not complying could result in serious personal injury.
1.    All incidents and near misses are reported
2.    Appropriate PPE must be worn at all times
3.    All safety devices must be used (e.g. seatbelts, isolation switches)
4.    Safety devices must not be tampered with or bypassed
5.    Face edge demarcation must be used at all times
6.    Lone workers must be able to communicate from their place of operation
7.    No smoking within 50 meters of explosives
8.    A full inspection of the whole working area must take place before starting work i.e. Opening checklist/risk assessment
9.    When ‘tramming’ the mast must be horizontal and parked in the rest position. When ‘tracking’ from hole or row to row the boom of the machine must be centralized.