Safety must always be our Number 1 priority.
    •  We must always keep in mind our own safety and the safety of others before carrying out any work
    •  All accidents can be avoided.
    •  All incidents must be reported, investigated and appropriate action implemented to prevent re-occurrence.
    •  All work activities must be risk assessed; measures implemented, documented and communicated to all employees.
    •  All employees must receive adequate training to carry out their work and their competence evaluated prior to working unsupervised.
    •  Managers must carry out regular safety audits and inspections of the workplace.
    •  Line managers have the responsibility to ensure that their staff comply with all safety, health and environmental policies and procedures.
    •  It is essential that the findings from accident investigations and audits are communicated to all employees.
   •  Senior subsidiary executives must conduct management reviews of their annual action plans incorporating performance improvement targets.